Five Key Benefits of Inkjet Printing

Inkjet printing can not only improve current applications but can also play a key role in developing new ones. The impact this technology has had on the printing industry is undeniable. With inkjet printing, the opportunities for innovation, creativity and customization are endless.

As markets and consumers continue to evolve at a fast pace, more label converters and brand owners are realizing inkjet printing is the best option to keep up with modern trends like rapid availability and personalization. Below we explore five key benefits this technology brings to print production.

ChromaPlex AP Printing Labels

ChromaPlex LT printing full color labels.

#5 Versatility

Digital inkjet printing offers greater potential and flexibility. Inkjet printers can be engineered to handle a wide range of substrates, like label stocks, corrugated boxes, commercial paper stocks, among others, to fit unique application needs. They can also be designed to fit a variety of markets including label converting, commercial print, flexible packaging and more. This means that inkjet technology can serve the production needs of more print providers and brand owners than ever before.

#4 Quality

Inkjet printing produces extremely fine droplets of ink. This allows users to create printed products with resolution up to 1600 dpi, which can achieve sharper and smoother design details. In addition to high resolution, aqueous pigment inkjet and UV inkjet also offer print durability, like water fastness and rub resistance. These features improve the overall quality of the final printed product.

#3 Efficiency

Inkjet printing can help converters and print providers reduce setup and changeover times. In contrast with conventional printing techniques, inkjet is a non-impact printing technology. This means that it does not require a master or a plate to carry the design or deliver the ink onto the substrate. This process reduces press downtime between jobs and during setup generating greater productivity.

#2 Affordability

Inkjet technology can look like a large investment at first glance, but closely evaluating its advantages tell a different story. Users can experience a positive impact on daily operations and see a quick ROI when using inkjet print technology in their production. Faster speeds, higher productivity and more market opportunities are just a few of the considerations that make inkjet printing cost-effective.

This is the ideal technology for modern print production where personalization, customization, quick turnarounds and speed are key factors for success. Printing high-mix low-volume and short-runs jobs is more affordable with a digital inkjet printer.

#1 Adaptability

Inkjet printing empowers businesses to keep up with market trends. Incorporating inkjet technology into print production can help improve the quality of current labels and packaging while also allowing users to explore applications beyond what they are already producing.  In other words, it creates new opportunities by expanding application capabilities and market reach.

Two integral parts of this are the expanded media options offered by new inkjet technologies and the ability to quickly create printed products with high quality variable images and data. Companies can stay up to date with new mass customization trends while continuing to develop innovation strategies as the market changes.

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