A Year Since the Launch

Despite the challenges related to the pandemic, in May 2020, Colordyne Technologies decided to celebrate its 10-year anniversary serving the label and tag market by launching a new business division: Colordyne Inkjet. This new unit allows us to expand our market reach and share our inkjet expertise with others.

Colordyne Inkjet focuses on empowering strategic integration partners (SIPs) with the adoption of inkjet technology into their product offerings. As part of the new division, we introduced ChromaPlex, the new family of inkjet print engines available to SIPs as well as a new website focused on print engine development www.colordyneinkjet.com.


The Past Year

Over the past year, Colordyne Inkjet has worked with multiple SIPs looking to integrate inkjet technology into their equipment. We worked with our longtime partner, Arrow Systems, on integrating Colordyne’s ChromaPlex LT print engine powered by Memjet’s DuraFlex technology into its new ArrowJet Aqua 330R digital printer. Through the integration of Colordyne’s aqueous pigment inkjet print engine, Arrow System’s new technology was compatible with a wider range of applications, adding a greater value to customers’ businesses. 

Aditionally, we partnered with Simply Inkjet for the launch of its SIGRA 1000 Mono Imprinting Solution. The SIGRA 1000 features a Colordyne ChromaPlex AP print engine powered by Memjet’s DuraLink technology. Simply Inkjet’s most recent technology offers scalable print widths up to one meter and can be configured for full color print production.

Moving Forward

The challenges the print industry faced this past year due to  proved that digital print can help companies adapt to rapid changes on design and production thanks to its customization and on-demand capabilities. As a result, we anticipate that inkjet integration will not slow down but continue to keep pace as demands continue to require this technology to be executed timely and affordably.

We are excited to celebrate one-year since the launch of Colordyne Inkjet, the SIP program and our ChromaPlex family of inkjet print engines. We are grateful for the SIPs we have the opportunity to worked with and look forward to working with more SIPs in the near future. 

If you want to learn more about our inkjet integration services and how to become an SIP contact us today!