Our Strategy

Empowering businesses through the adoption of digital print.  

Developing the Future of Inkjet Technology

With a vision of empowering our Strategic Integration Partners (SIPs) with digital inkjet technology, we are dedicated to leading the industry in the design and manufacturing of inkjet print engines.

By working together, we can reach more markets, produce more applications and support more printers than ever before.

Our Development Life Cycle

Our strategic development life cycle is focused on cost-effective and efficient integration techniques.

Digital Inkjet Company

Our engineering team uses a modular design allowing them to develop a print engine for unique printer or press specifications in less time.

Digital Inkjet Company

You can’t always get it right the first time – but we can try. Our team works with each SIP to create a prototype system to ensure the best product is delivered to the end-user.

Digital Inkjet Company

We rigorously test each engine design and product to ensure it meets the market’s need. If tweaks to the drying, ink set, material or any other component in the full printing process needs to be made, we work with our partners to get it done.

Digital Inkjet Company

Each print engine and SIP product is tailored to meet a customer’s market or application need. We offer our full support to SIPs to ensure their product and strategy is go-to-market ready.

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