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Q&A with Colordyne’s Director of Engineering

After gaining experience developing inkjet technology over the last 10 years, Colordyne is ecstatic to dive into a new adventure. We are confidently expanding our horizons beyond the label and tag space by launching a new division focused on designing and engineering inkjet print engines for digital integration. We want to share our inkjet innovation and integration expertise with Strategic Integration Partners (SIPs) looking to add digital capabilities into their products.

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Which Type of Inkjet Print Technology is Best for Your Business?

Colordyne has historically work with three different types of inkjet technologies: aqueous dye, aqueous pigment and UV LED. They are all digital inkjet, but they are not the same . Customers often underestimate the importance of carefully identifying which inkjet technology fits best with their business and market needs. Choosing the right inkjet technology for your product, market and application can drastically impact your print production. Here, we take a closer look at each of these three inkjet technologies.

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