Colordyne Welcomes Wayne Peterson

Colordyne is excited to announce Wayne Peterson joined our team in the position of Technical Project Manager. Peterson’s role focuses on supporting customers and strategic integration partners (SIPs) as they successfully integrate Colordyne’s digital inkjet print technology.
Wayne Peterson Headshot

Over the past 34 years, Peterson worked in the print industry as a Technical Project Engineer and Project Coordinator. His previous experience allows him to collaborate with SIPs and OEMs worldwide to determine demands, deadlines and challenges during the integration process. At Colordyne, Peterson will be a key lesion between end-user customers, SIPs and internal teams.

Katelyn Bohr, Director of Marketing at Colordyne Technologies said, “We are confident that Peterson will be a great asset to our team. With his extensive background in the print industry, we trust his abilities to efficiently and effectively assist our customers and SIPs throughout the digital adoption process.”

Peterson is currently working closely with our SIPs who are integrating the ChromaPlex LT print engines into their solutions. He provides consistent communication and support to ensure the successful implementation of Colordyne’s inkjet technology in each unique system. Peterson looks forward to building relationships with both Colordyne’s current and future customers and SIPs.

Welcome to Colordyne, Wayne!

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