Our Inkjet Technology

Powerful aqueous pigment inkjet and UV inkjet technology drives our print engine development.

Printhead Technology

inkjet technology

ChromaPlex LT Printhead

The ChromaPlex LT printhead uses Memjet’s DuraFlex thermal printhead technology engineered to deliver increased speeds, quality and life. These printheads are user-replaceable and can be stitched together for print widths up to 50 inches (1279 mm).

ChromaPlex AP Printhead

The ChromaPlex AP printhead powered by Memjet’s DuraLink technology is a 1600 dpi, 8.77-inch (222.8 mm) wide printhead, with an 8.5-inch  (215.9 mm) print width. Multiple printheads can be stitched together for print widths up to 102 inches (2,563.6 mm).

aqueous pigment inkjet
UV Inkjet

ChromaPlex UV Inkjet Printhead

The ChromaPlex UV uses a Kyocera printhead to provide reliability and durability for continuous print applications using UV-curable inks. This printhead’s design delivers a stable ink supply to all 2,656 nozzles providing high-quality print at production speeds.

Inkjet Ink Technology

Aqueous Pigment Inkjet Inks

AP inkjet inks were developed for enhanced durability and broad media compatibility, while maintaining the properties of water-based inkjet. Colordyne’s aqueous pigment inkjet inks are designed for use in a wide range of print markets.

UV LED Inkjet Inks

UV curable inkjet inks offer a unique combination of durability, versatility and quality. Colordyne’s UV inkjet inks can be used in a wide range of environments including outdoor and industrial settings.

Software Solutions

Colordyne Control Software

Colordyne’s Control Software provides an intuitive and easy to use interface for operating each of our print engines. SIPs can custom brand the Colordyne UI to match corporate branding and deliver a cohesive experience to the end user.

Technology Partners

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