Entry Level Print for Low Volume Production

Designing cutting-edge print engines for low volume production on entry level printers and presses.

An Engine That Delivers

The ChromaPlex LT print engine provides faster speeds and higher quality output than other engines running under 150 feet (47.5 mm) per minute. Its seamless integration with SIP equipment makes adding the latest aqueous inkjet print technology to entry level presses fast and simple.

Recommended Print Engine

Entry-Level Aqueous Pigment

Featured SIP Integration

Arrow Systems, a longtime partner of Colordyne, launch the first U.S. manufactured aqueous pigment inkjet printer with an integrated ChromaPlex LT engine from Colordyne. Learn more about the ArrowJet Aqua 330R roll-to-roll digital printer. 

ArrowJet Aqua 330R
Entry level print

Power of Entry Level Digital

Cost Effective. Efficient. Flexible.

The ChromaPlex LT offers cost-effective print production with greater efficiency and quality tha, other entry level print solutions. The aqueous pigment inkjet technology delivers more flexibility through its compatibility in a wider range of markets including labels, packaging, envelopes and mailing, commercial print, among others.

Engineering for the Future

The integration efficiency and printhead flexibility of the ChromaPlex LT provides development flexibility to future-proof SIPs investments. Colordyne focuses on the future of digital print solutions and delivers engines built for the next generation of printers and presses.

Inkjet Innovation