ChromaPlex AP Print Engine

It’s Possible with Pigment

Full color, multi-printhead aqueous pigment print engine for any volume production in a wide range of markets.

Modular and Scalable Aqueous Pigment Technology

For Presses Running Production Speeds and Print Volumes.

Colordyne’s ChromaPlex AP, powered by Memjet’s DuraLink technology, is optimized to integrate with systems running at speeds up to 668 feet (204 m) per minute and can produce any volume production across various print markets. This technology builds on previous water-based inkjet engines, while offering enhancements including aqueous pigment inks for greater application flexibility and durability.

Colordyne’s integration expertise helps Strategic Integration Partners (SIPs) experience rapid and cost-effective product development. Colordyne delivers custom print engines in less time and at a lower price point than in-house development so SIPs can get their products to market faster.

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Quality & Durable Pigment

End-users can improve the quality of their print production while reducing the costs associated with other water-based inkjet printing technologies with a ChromaPlex AP engine. This production-level aqueous pigment print engine prints on a greater number of substrates, coated and uncoated, and offers 10x the printhead life, saving users time and money on their production across numerous markets and applications.

Aqueous Pigment Print

ChromaPlex AP Print Engine Configurations

faster print speeds

ChromaPlex AP 8.5"

Pigment Printing

ChromaPlex AP 17"

Aqueous Pigment Print

ChromaPlex AP 25.5"

pigment printing

ChromaPlex AP 40"+

ChromaPlex AP Features