ChromaPlex UV Print Engine

Durable Digital Print with UV LED Inkjet

Full color, UV LED inkjet print engine designed for presses used to produce durable and industrial packaging applications.

Durable UV Printing

Production Speeds and Volumes for Integrated Print Platforms.

Colordyne’s digital UV inkjet print engines power integrated platforms in the narrow web market. The ChromaPlex UV digital print engine was developed to produce high quality, durable labels for a wide range of markets including outdoor and industrial packaging.

The ChromaPlex UV uses multiple printheads to produce full color, CMYK, applications and includes the option to print white inkjet ink. The versatility of digital UV printing makes the engine ideal for the narrow-web label and packaging market. Plus, this UV digital print engine is available in multiple printhead configurations to meet flexible product specifications.

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Download the ChromaPlex UV brochure for additional product specification.

Rapid Product Development

Strategic Integration Partners (SIPs) can get integrated products to market faster and at a lower cost with a ChromaPlex UV print engine. The integration process is simplified with Colordyne’s modular approach and integration expertise.

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ChromaPlex UV Print Engine Configurations

UV Digital Print

ChromaPlex UV 4.25"

UV Digital Print

ChromaPlex UV 8.5"

UV Inkjet

ChromaPlex UV Features