The Meaning Behind ChromaPlex

Last month, we announced our new business division focused on print engine development and the launch of three products under Colordyne’s new ChromaPlex family. After seeing an increased interest in our new line of print engines, we want to share the meaning behind the name.

What Does ChromaPlex Mean?

“Chroma” is simply defined as, “the purity of a color,” by Merriam Webster. A more in-depth explanation involves diving into color theory, but that can be saved for a later post. “Chroma” is also the Greek word for color and, at Colordyne, color is what we are all about. We focus on designing and engineering tailored color inkjet print engines that press manufacturers and OEMs – which we refer to as our Strategic Integration Partners (SIPs) – can integrate into their systems.

This ability to tailor our print engines brings us to the use of “Plex,” which is defined as “having parts or units.” Our print engines use a modular design that allows us to take a component-based approach to engine configuration and development. This means we can build engines quicker and at a lower cost than in-house development. Our approach helps SIPs get presses with integrated digital print capabilities to market faster.

So, we took the two key elements of our print engines, full color inkjet and modular design, to create the name ChromaPlex. Within the ChromaPlex family, we offer three different inkjet technologies: LT, AP and UV. Let us take a closer look at each:

ChromaPlex LT

This is our entry-level aqueous pigment inkjet technology. These inkjet engines use a single printhead for CMYK production at speeds under 150 feet per minute. ChromaPlex LT engines using an A3+ printhead and start with a maximum print width of 12.75 inches. Multiple printheads can be stitched together for wider print production.

ChromaPlex AP

If the SIP’s press requires faster print speeds and higher production volumes than the ChromaPlex LT offers, then SIPs can scale up to the ChromaPlex AP. This is our most versatile product, offering print speeds up to 668 feet per minute and using a separate printhead for each color channel. Engines can be configured with one single-color channel or as many as seven color channels. Color options including CMYK, spot and extended gamut, OGV. Printable width from a single head is up to 8.5 inches and as many as 12 printheads can be stitched together for a max print width of 102 inches. This engine offers expansive possibilities due to its compatibility with most print markets.

ChromaPlex UV

For SIPs looking to use UV LED inkjet, we offer the ChromaPlex UV. This inkjet engine provides more durable print capabilities at speeds up to 246 feet per minute. A single printhead offers a 4.25 inches max print width, and up to three printheads can be stitched together. Each color has an individual channel and options include CMYK and white.

We are excited to offer SIPs flexible integration options that are tailored for their needs. If you are interested in learning more about our ChromaPlex family, we encourage you to contact us today!