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Which Type of Inkjet is Best for Your Business?

Colordyne has historically work with three different types of inkjet technologies: aqueous dye, aqueous pigment and UV LED. They are all digital inkjet, but they are not the same. Customers often underestimate the importance of carefully identifying which inkjet technology fits best with their business and market needs. Choosing the right inkjet technology for your product, market and application can drastically impact your print production.

Here, we take a closer look at each of these three inkjet technologies.

Aqueous Dye Inkjet Technology

Aqueous dye inkjet is a full color digital print technology with the capabilities to affordably integrate variable data and customization. The inks provide depth of color and are low migration making them safe for food and beverage applications. This inkjet technology is best for on-demand printing of primary and secondary labels and packaging with short shelf lives, like color-coded warehouse labels, event tickets, shelf tags and more.

Aqueous Pigment Inkjet Technology

This water-based pigment inkjet technology is the most progressing of the three in recent years. Aqueous pigment inkjet incorporates the benefits of aqueous dye inkjet with added benefits such as enhanced water fastness, light fastness and rub resistance. This technology also offers longer printhead life, superior print resolution and greater material compatibility.

Aqueous pigment inkjet is ideal for applications requiring the safety or high-resolution benefits provided by water-based inkjet but also needs added durability, wider print widths or greater substrate versatility. This inkjet technology can be matched with a wide variety of applications such as labels, flexible packaging, commercial print, corrugated and more.

UV LED Inkjet Technology

UV LED inkjet technology works with the widest range of substrates, making it ideal for specialty applications. The UV curing process provides ink durability, including water and light fastness, for use in demanding environments. UV LED Inkjet inks work well for applications with long shelf lives, or that are used in industrial and outdoor settings such as chemical product and exterior-use labels.

Let Us Help You

Colordyne has extensive knowledge about inkjet printing technologies and we offer a variety of digital print engines with unique benefits. Working closely with our SIPs, we help them identify the right technology for their products and markets. Contact us today to learn more.